Monday, August 15, 2011

4 pathways

Yesterday I went to a "celebration service" at Bohdi Spiritual Center. I really loved the "sermon" which described ways we approach change and the world. The director spoke of them as the 4 Kingdoms, but I think I prefer the term Pathways or Planes to describe them.

The first is the victim -- life happens to me. Things just happen. I am powerless and thus also not responsible for my life. When fear happens, I react with despair. I want to run away. But I will often try to bring in someone else to share in my despair or fear. Who wants to be alone in there?! Change can be fear provoking because it is happening to me, I didn't ask for change!

The second is the individual -- I am in control. I invent my life. I can be super creative which is great, but also when I am stymied I am responsible. There is a lot of pressure here. Fear arises, but I know I can stop it with my thoughts. In this place much brain storming occurs and it can be a place of much growth! Change can be met with courage and hope.

The third is where universal energy moves through me -- I am a vessel/conduit. When I am open, the creative force moves through me creating all sorts of things in my life. When I am open I can also intuit what I need to do. Much less pressure, but the responsibility is to stay that open channel. If I feel fear, I need only remind myself to reopen connection to the universal force. Change impacts me less because I am simply channeling.

The fourth is where the Universe is as me -- I am as the Universe. This is the place where anything is possible because I am in complete alignment. There is no separation between me and my life, my colleagues, my family. All people and experiences are mirrors and gifts of insight; I understand the universal force is flowing like a river. The river will flow faster, slower, swell and shrink, but it is still the river. Change is part of me like breath. So there is no fear.

In life, I feel all of these states. I strive for the first two to have minimal opportunities to manifest. I spend a lot of time in the third and occasionally I make it to the fourth pathway or plane. There I am peaceful and happy. Knowing the peace in the fourth pathway, I know I must continue to work towards that mind/heart space through my actions and interactions.

May it be so!